Manufacturers wholesale and foreign trade export g

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Surplus glass products co., LTD. Is located in the northern suburbs of xuzhou in xuzhou, east is near the beijing-hangzhou grand canal, 104, 206, 310 national road and the intersection, from xuzhou guanyin airport only 40 kilometers, traffic is very convenient. Existing glass furnace 2, six ranks machine two, four groups of two line machines, automatic production line 20, line 36, staff 2000 people, including more than 20 senior engineers is a national sophomore enterprises, to north China's largest glass production base. Main products: bottles, beverage bottles, pickles bottles, tin, honey bottles, condiment bottles, bottle, sesame seeds oil sauce vinegar bottle, fermented bean curd bottle, coffee bottle, health bottles, bottle, bird's nest bottle, bottle, perfume bottle, glass, glassware, glass candlestick and so on more than 30 series over 1000 varieties, capacity from 5 grams to 3000 grams, can also be designed according to user needs in the shortest time new bottle type and made new molds, to meet user requirements.