Glass manufacturers

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万国彩票网 Our glass products mainly include wine bottles, wine bottles, olive oil, tea oil bottles, pickles bottles, jam bottles, condiment bottles, tin, honey bottle, coffee bottle, health bottles, bottle, bottle, cosmetic bottle, perfume bottle, oil bottle, cream bottle, nail, koubei, craft glass, glass candlestick, candle cup, etc., supporting the production of various kinds of bottles. Can also produce according to customer's request special bottle, in the shortest possible time to design a new bottle type and made new mold, and to help customers processing customized sprayed, roast flowers, screen printing, hot stamping, frosting, lettering, such as deep processing. The company has a fully automatic machine, the production of various specifications of tinplate lid, aluminum cover and stainless steel, plastic cap, rubber plug, etc. At the same time can be made according to the authorization printed trademark stickers, including printing, printing, bronzing, laminating, customized carton packaging, etc. 7-15 days out of the new product development products, can help and hauling.

In full glass manufacturers will continue adhering to the \"quality first\", \"the good faith for this\" spirit of enterprise, constantly committed to the development in the field of glass deep processing and large quantities of product manufacturing, to provide quality and efficient service to our clients. At the same time the company agent export, commodity inspection declaration and other related business.

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