Cooperation with world famous equipment manufacturers

Cooperative business:
Germany SORG company (the world's top furnace supplier)
Germany JSJ company (the world's top furnace supplier)
Czech SKLOSTROJ company (world famous forming equipment supplier)
Device name:
Hart Ames 8 electronic timing machine
Czech SKLOSTRoJ 8 bottle machine
万国彩票网 HD4.6.8 type single drop i.s.forming machine



Glass technology leader in the industry

The crystal glass as a material, this material has the characteristics of uniform, high permeability, ultra white, and with excellent molding technology,
To create a more sophisticated work in line with the needs of high-end works. Company after years of technical precipitation and accumulation in the glass industry,
The company has developed a rich technical experience in the production and management team, in recent years for domestic and foreign customers to develop a variety of high-end bottle type,
And the rate of total production of special initiative broken automaton thick bottom bottle technical barriers, and before this technology has been mastered by the United States and europe.



Strict quality control

Excellent quality is to ensure customer product image of the strong backing, relentless pursuit is the key to winning the competition,
Company's current corporate standards for crystal materials standards, far higher than the domestic counterparts in the implementation of the standard.
At present, the company has successfully passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality control system certification, from the incoming inspection to the production of the implementation of strict monitoring.